June 16th ’22

System Woes: Currently having some woes migrating my site from my subdomain to my main, but hopefully it’ll sort itself out in time.

Conventions: I was able to contribute an illustration to a Final Fantazine, coordinated by Jenn Woodall (Space Trash, Magical Girl Beatdown) and Dylan Magwood! It features a lot of incredible artists (Kelly K, Cleopatria Peterson, Lis, Oleamkim, Jean Demers, Vivi Partridge, Sam Omand), and I feel pretty fortunate to be part of this experience. It’s pretty cool.

And it’s TCAF Weekend! It’s been a bit of an emotional one, but I’m still looking forward to the experience. 

Blogging Woes: I am REALLY out of practice with blogging.

Research Woes: I’ve…uh…sort of taken some time out for myself to just study Tekkaman: The Space Knight. It’s interesting thinking about how Japan interprets superheroes, how they deviate from the pulp structure, and how they stay true to it. I’m looking forward to some new insights…and truth be told, I kinda miss researching.