Thoughts on Direction

It occurs to me now that maybe the best thing I can do on this blog…both for myself and for you, dear reader…is to share stuff that inspires me or keeps me feeling creative. Maybe you’ll get something from it too! I have no idea. But it’ll be fun to look for stuff and share it here.

Deadline shared the script to the script for Squid Game’s last episode, which is pretty neat. I’ve been interested in reading scripts from East Asia, so I think this might be enlightening…

This song by Shirley Ellis really cheered us up this week

As of this writing, I’m at Episode 10 of my second series with Owl, Dinosaurs from Outer Space. This episode will focus on food, but that’s all I’m saying.

Denji and Pochita, duh

On a surprise bender, I picked up books 2-10 of Chainsaw Man, probably because Fujimoto-sensei is incredible. One only needs to read “Look Back” and “Goodbye Eri” for proof.